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A smile is so important; it tells everyone you are happy, confident and ready to get on and enjoy life. Consequently, the loss of teeth can have a dramatic impact on a person’s self-confidence and esteem. Not only are teeth important for smiling (aesthetics) and eating (function), but they also help support the lips and face. Missing teeth can result in difficulties in eating, a selfconscious smile and a ‘sagging face’ appearance.

Enigma Life dentures


Natural looking teeth with gum contouring and colouring with Enigma Life teeth from £3000

Natural teeth consist of dentine covered with a translucent enamel layer that gives depth to the tooth colour. enigmalife+ teeth have a similar structure with a darker dentine covered with an enamel layer that is especially visible at the tip. The blue white opalescence reproduces the effects of that different structure.

Natural teeth brighten in strong sunshine and are still white under disco lighting. Many artificial teeth only do this weakly but the enigmalife+ enamel fluoresces to mimic nature. The teeth next to the front teeth are smaller, lighter and have greater opalescence, whereas the eye or canine teeth are darker.

Using these enigmalife+ teeth will add vitality and make the mouth look three dimensional – just like your natural teeth.

In order to achieve a totally natural appearance it is important to consider the appearance of the gums as well as the teeth. Natural gums are frequently whitish near the teeth and the tissue varies in colour from a pink to a reddish colour. The natural gum colour of many ethnic groups has a brownish rather than pinkish hue. Within the enigmalife+ denture system are a range tools for individual colouring of the base to harmonize with your natural gums. Examples are shown below.



Natural looking teeth with gum contouring and colouring with Natura teeth from £1700

The denture systems we us offers a combination of incredibly life-like teeth with a special acrylic with up to 30% the resistance to denture breakage of standard pink plastic bases.

The pink colour of the base has special fibres to simulate the veins in natural gums and colour tones can be added to increase this natural looking appearance.

Using over 20 different moulds and shapes, we can personalise the shape of the teeth to blend with the natural structures of your face, as well as over 60 different colour tones and hues combinations we can also use your own natural skins tone to blend these teeth to you.


Dr John Besford, Ruth Bourke and Kevin Campbell


Dr John Besford


Ruth Bourke

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