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When treating edentulous cases, removable options represent a more straightforward approach, whereas a fixed option with 4 or more implants (straight or tilted) represents a more advanced approach. Depending on what your patient expects, a straightforward restoration might not be a viable option. Most patients desire functional esthetics with a high level of comfort. As a dental professional you are now challenged to provide an immediate fixed solution that meets their expectations. To address the requirements and expectations of patients seeking fast, convenient and reliable solutions for full dental replacement, Dr. Paolo Malo from MALO CLINIC® developed a special treatment concept in the early 1990’s called the MALO CLINIC® Protocol. The protocol offers immediate temporary restorations for edentulous patients despite limited bone availability. The protocol has become a popular procedure worldwide and has influenced developments in shortening time to teeth. Straumann now offers a new generation of surgical and prosthetic components to provide full-arch fixed restorations on either straight or tilted implants with the additional advantages of its SLActive® surface and Roxolid® material technologies.

Implant planning
• 2D conventional implant and prosthetic planning based on (CB) CT scanning or x-rays
• 3D digital implant planning for predictable results and treatment efficiency

Surgical procedure
• Scientifically supported Straumann Bone Level Implants
• Roxolid® material with excellent mechanical properties4
• Outstanding SLActive® surface designed to deliver increased predictability in stability critical protocols
• Straumann Planning Guide to support tilted implant placement
• Internal CrossFit® implant-to- abutment connection for long-term stability

Prosthetic treatment
• Abutments with a low-profile design, additional abutment angulations and universal abutment connector
• Abutment portfolio allows
• Immediate temporization to deliver teeth within a short period of time when good primary stability is achieved
• High-end final restorations with the option for custom-milled hybrid and wrap-around designs

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More than a fixed rehabilitation. – Straumann Pro Arch


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